Monday, October 17, 2011

Band/Musician Photography

For several years I have had the pleasure of capturing numerous performances by bands in a wide range of Virginia and Washington D.C. area venues including IOTA Club & Cafe, The State Theater, The Birchmere, Artisphere, 1st Stage Theater, Breakers, P.J. Skidoos, Jaxx, Jammin Java, Fat Tuesday's, The Old Firestation #3, The Auld Shebeen, Ri Ra (Arlington, VA), Whitlow's, The 9:30 Club, Black Cat and The Rock and Roll Hotel and countless other venues. 

Anywhere you find a band or musician's playing you will most likely see me there taking pictures.  I have been told that I am one of the hardest working band photographers and that with all the shooting that I do I will wear out my camera. 

This is a truth, I do work very hard going to shows and taking pictures making sure that I don't miss anything. With all the shows I have been to and all the pictures that I take I am now on my second camera body.  I started out using a Nikon P80 and right before a show it broke and I had to run out and purchase a new camera. I ended up buying a Nikon P100. 

I love the Nikon P series, they are extremely light weight. This makes it easy to hold the camera over my head to still take pictures when I am deep in the crowd at a rock concert.  Another great feature of these cameras is that it allows you to take pictures from the LCD screen. Also the LCD screen can move out away from the body of the camera.  

The Types of bands that I photograph usually come in three categories,

 Rock Bands

Cover Bands 

 Singer Songwriters

In addition to these three categories I do take pictures of bands that play Reggae and Classical music.

Besides capturing live concert images, I have also had the pleasure of a few photo shoots. One took place in a recording studio while they were recording. The other was at a Metro Station. Another was at a pool and then there was one on a park grounds.

The images that I have taken have been used for concert posters, press kits, and cd art work. I have also had the pleasure of designing a few cd cover designs.

Facebook has been a great tool to keep in contact and share my work with all the musician's that I photograph. Overtime I have met a lot of great and nice people in the music community. I have had a great time running around taking pictures.

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  1. Maryanne, thanks for sharing! I've been a fan of your photography since the day I met you at the emerging artist showcase at Hard Rock Cafe Margot MacDonald presented (and you photographed) for the Songwriters' Association of Washington. Since then, I've come to know what a godsend you and your photography have been to Washington, DC music. Thanks from me and on behalf of so many musicians I love. keep up the awesome work! It's always a pleasure to run into you at shows, and I'm looking forward to following your blog.